Temenos T24

T24 Services and Solutions

With T24, financial institutions can create a simpler and more flexible technology environment, boost efficiency and reduce cost. The banking system adds speed and responsiveness while enhancing your banks adaptability to new financial regulations.

Arittek offers comprehensive T24 services and solutions that help banks harness the full potential of this powerful platform, and create a core banking system environment that is simple, more efficient, highly flexible, and responsiveness to the dynamic banking environment.

Data Migration

Transition of data to the new system is a very crucial and sensitive task. Our technical consultants have the requisite experience to conduct this task with the vendor tools provided and where necessary, they are also equipped to create customized data migration tools.

We work alongside our clients to refine the migration approach, conducting dress rehearsals and mock migrations until such time as we can confirm that the data can be migrated within the timeframes required by the bank.

Local Customization & Developments

We provide customization according to the regulatory framework and specific country requirements. With a team of experts, known to be the best in their field, we excel in adapting to local practices in a manner that businesses find it easier and faster to adapt to the system offerings.


Each core banking implementation has local customization geared towards regulatory and market requirements. These continuous adaptations, improvements and innovations are skilfully handled by our team of experts to provide you with seamless and most efficient systems.

Our Performance Tuning Services have been developed to work across industries with databases like jBase, Oracle etc. We use best industry practices to address weak points, risks, bottlenecks and parameters affecting overall system performance.


At Arittek, we understand the complexities of Temenos T24 inside out. Our experts will associate with your team on contract basis to deliver the assignment effectively. This model gives you the power to be cost-effective and efficient at the same time.

Training & Development

At Arittek, we believe in facilitating continuous learning and leverage our state-of-the-art training facilities to our clients. Our training programs are custom-designed to assist you in achieving your goals and ensure you get the best out of your Temenos implementation.

Core Consultancy

Arittek provides highly experienced consultants, for work on the clients site, in the following areas:

  • Business Consultants Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced in different aspects of banking operations and the T24 modules.
  • Technical Consultants T24 trained, certified and experienced consultants who will look after the development and enhancement of T24 core software.
  • Performance & Database Management Experts Our team of experienced consultants play a very important and effective role in ensuring T24 is up to speed and is available 24/7 to the business users.