Al-Qist Pool Management System

The world’s FIRST & ONLY, FULLY SHARIAH COMPLIANT Pool Management System for Islamic Banks. Al-Qist is a dynamic, user friendly system which can be integrated on any platform. With Al-Qist, Islamic banks can streamline the process of financial reporting and general disclosure, which in turn, creates a perfectly accurate, automated and time saving experience for its users.

This state of the art system perfectly caters to the requirements of allocation of (a) deposits, (b) financing, investments and placements, (c) equity (d) income and expenses and (e) movement of assets to/from different pools under Pool management and Profit distribution policy framework.

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Smart Extractor

Smart Extractor our comprehensive ONE CLICK solution for extraction of your T24 data. Our state of the art application is backed by a simple yet flexible data architecture lets you extract complex T24 data in an efficient, timely and risk-free manner.

With smart extractor T24 users can benefit in the following manner:

  • Reduced process cycle
  • Real-time progress monitoring
  • User friendly processes
  • Scheduling of data extraction
  • Provision of system reports



This is a unique online portal that makes e-filing of income tax easy, secure and fast. Individuals can now claim their paid taxes from government that are indirectly deducted through their Utility bills, Communication Bills, and other applicable mode of deductions.

While an individuals income tax is deducted from salary at source but the returns need to be filed manually by every individual. Even though 90% of salaried individuals file for tax returns, the current procedure for doing so is cumbersome. The multifaceted system architecture at the back end of this portal allows for all the complex tax calculations to be managed according to the standard procedures and FBR requirements automatically.

Arittek Browser

This is a browser especially designed for usage in banks. Unlike ordinary users, the pre-requisites and browser requirements for core banking are different. With Arittek Browser the user can manage their sessions on T24. This not only streamlines the processes but at the same time makes the system more efficient.

Arittek browser gives our banking clients the following benefits:

  • Sessions Management
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Superb Security
  • Swift Results


Admin 360

Admin 360 is a full service Office Management Software Suite by Arittek. It is an all in one accountancy, HR and Operations management software. Designed to benefit small and medium enterprises run their business efficiently, it serves as a one-stop solution for management of all your office services through one easy-to-use platform.

With its easy to navigate yet thorough features, flexible design and simple to understand modules, you and your staff can complete otherwise time-consuming tasks with maximum efficiency. From project management to employee and client management, finances and legal to inventory management – Admin 360 does it all!